anton floquet

credit list


“ice loves coco”   – reality series.  3 seasons.  28 episodes. nbc/universal.
“lexus 3D”   –  lexus ct200h.  commercial.
“god of war 2” “god of war 3” “god of war 4”   –  making-of documentaries.  sony
“need love, will travel”   –  pilot. nbc/universal.
“the winchell project”   –  pilot. nbc/universal.
“managed by the mob”   –  pilot. nbc/universal.
“new orleans voodoo”   –  pilot. nbc/universal.
“”   –  sketch comedy web series.
“medical missions”   – docu-reality series pilot.  antigua, guatemala.
“livin’ large”   –  series. 13 episodes.  nbc/universal.
“house calls”   –  reality series. 13 episodes. nbc.

director of photography

documentary feature film

“believer”   –   imagine dragons’ dan reynolds challenges doctrines of the mormon church.  sundance film festival 2018.
“all the way home”   –   returning iraq and afghanistan war veterans in the montana wilderness.
“art of conflict”   –   stories and history of murals depicting the troubles in belfast, northern ireland.
“enron: the smartest guys in the room”   –   the collapse and criminality of the enron corp.  additional cinematography.
“making of “ghosts of the abyss” ”   –   james cameron’s 3D exploration of the wreck of the titanic.


“bringing up ballers” – chicago reality series. lifetime.
“beachwood charter” – web-series drama.
“truinside” – documentary series on comedy features. tru tv.
“flying heritage collection” – veteran fighter pilot packages for paul allen’s flight museum.
“my secret job” – documentary series. tlc.
“saints & sinners”  – new orleans reality series.  a&e network.
“how to be a grown up”  – comedy series. two seasons.  tru tv.
“surviving marriage”  – survival reality series. maui. a&e network.
“i heart radio music awards”  – celebrity profiles for award show. nbc.
“aftershock”  – documentary series. e entertainment network.
“lifestyles of the rich and famous”  – series reboot pilot. nbc.
“30 for 30: million dollar arm” –  documentary series.  india. espn.
“gillette pro-fusion” – commercial featuring kenny mayne.  maggievision productions.
“marked” –  documentary series.  russian prison tattoos.  moscow.  history channel.
“out of egypt”   – series.  italy, turkey, vietnam, cambodia, sri lanka, dubai.  discovery channel.
“potomac fever”   – reality series pilot.  44 blue productions.
“combat cash” –  documentary series. discovery channel.
“crime scene cleaners” –  documentary series pilot.  nbc/universal.
“the fabulous kevin lee” – reality series pilot. nbc/universal.
“the car show” –  documentary series.  speed network.
“ice brigade” – reality series.  food network.
“the daily show”  – comedy news series.  comedy central.
“giuliana & bill” – reality series.  2 seasons.  19 episodes. nbc/universal.
“dr 90210” – docu-reality series. e! entertainment network.
“real sports with bryant gumbell” –  sports documentary series. hbo.
“60 minutes” – “dateline” – “good morning america” – “primetime” – “20/20” –  documentary series.
“investigation x” –  documentary series. discovery channel.
“mail call” –  documentary series. history channel.
“modern marvels” –  documentary series.  discovery channel.
“monday night football”  – show-open promos.
“biography” –  documentary series.  a&e network.
“taradise” – reality series.  e! entertainment network.
“beg borrow and deal” – reality competition series.
“extra” –  entertainment news series.  telepictures.
“stone temple pilots. no way out”  –  music video
“blind date”  –  reality series.  universal worldwide television.
“wild things”  –  wild-life documentary series. tanzania, kenya.  paramount television.

feature film

“fortune hunters”   –  35mm theatrical feature.  crystal sky communications.
“the prince and the surfer” –  35mm theatrical feature.  crystal sky communications.
“arthur’s quest” –  35mm theatrical feature.  crystal sky communications.
“hijacking hollywood” –  35mm theatrical feature.  curb entertainment.